137 sites, all ages community in the City of Fontana in the inland empire. Fontana is a very good location adjacent to employment centers, highways, retail and services, and the median home price is $620,000. Site rents are low at $403-$618 plus submetered water, trash $29.36, and septic sewer is included in the rent. The City of Fontana rent control ordinance allows annual 100% of cpi rent increases, full vacancy decontrol, and pass thrus for the increase in property taxes and capital expenditures. The gas and electric conversion to direct billing to the residents was completed in 2018. Amenities include a swimming pool, rec room, office, and laundry. The Regional Water Quality Control Board has determined the park must hookup to public sewer and there is a lien on the title to complete the installation. Broker anticipates that the buyer will also replace the water system and complete asphalt improvements. Some of the leach lines are located on a 52’ X 178’ grass trip along Locust Avenue and the City of Fontana planning department indicated they would consider expansion on the grass strip after conversion to city sewer and Broker anticipates 10-12 new sites.