Turnkey easy to manage senior mobile home park in a desirable market offers an investor a great return with plenty of infill, rental, and utility pass-through potential. Yuma is located halfway between San Diego and Phoenix (2.5 hours each way) and is 30 minutes from one of the busiest ports of entry between the US and Mexico. Mostly known as a destination for tourists and retirees, Yuma also has a booming agricultural economy in the winter months along with defense provides a stable job base. Town and Country is a 41 space on city utilities located within 2 miles of every sort of commercial development desired including an international airport, Walmart Supercenter, and MCAS base. The park’s biggest upside is in raising rents (the current owner has put in a $10 per month increase for 2017) and passing through water and sewer costs which is nearly universal in mobile home parks especially of this quality. This removes your largest expense other than electric which is currently metered and passed-through to tenants monthly. Roads and infrastructure are in good condition so there is no deferred maintenance and third party management companies have inquired with broker about management contract making this a great investment for an absentee owner.