Griffith Court MHP is new to the market after decades of ownership and offers to an investors a low per site cost on an large parcel with rents that are dramatically under market. The community is on city services with paved roads in a desirable market just a stone’s throw from major commercial developments such as Costco and Home Depot in an infill location. Park features 20 park owned homes and also included in sale are six single family homes on adjoining parcels in a market where median home price is approximately $150,000. That’s $900,000 of value right there. There are no amenities but the lots are large and there are paved driveways on most lots. Inventory is mixed with older and newer units. Sites are direct-billed for electric and water/sewer is included in the already insanely low rents. The job growth in Mobile is very steady which reflects in rising home costs and rents. Data shows market rents should be in low $300’s and rents currently between $180-$200. Owner has verbally notified tenants of an upcoming increase of an undetermined amount but buyer will be able to provide legal paperwork of such an increase Between low rents and water pass-through an investor is looking at a huge NOI jump. Easy turnkey deal at under $40k per pad.