Opportunity to acquire a senior manufactured housing community in a prime location in Reno. This is a 96 space deal on city services and master-metered electric and dedicated parking sites. The roads are paved and there are curbs, wide streets, and cul-de-sacs on the manufactured home section. Please see seller financing loan information below. All offers must be aggressive, this location has tremendous land value so seller will not give the park away!!! The park is less than a mile from the two largest casinos in Reno, directly on a main freeway exit artery street with traffic counts exceeding 20,000 cares per day, and just two miles from Reno International Airport. The park will continue to benefit from Reno-Sparks being the #1 job growth city in the United States in 2018 with a 5.2% year over year increase. This along with housing shortage has led to rental growth and the projections over the next five years indicate continued job growth as companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla, and other technology companies move back office operations to the business-friendly state of Nevada. Broker believes rents are under market at a blended average of $440.00 per month and repairs and maintenance can be slimmed to a more market average cost. Buyer also has the opportunity to get outstanding seller-financing on the property which will allow time to bring up rents to market and provide cash flow to upgrade community.